Homegrade Emblems

Homegrade Emblems

Homegrade Emblems are fabric patch emblems with a low melt adhesive, printed by the same highly durable process as industrial wash Topgrade Emblems.

The most durable home wash emblem available.

Digitally printed for unlimited graphics, including photographic images

    Suitable For

    Ideal for football/sports club crests – light and supple.

    Applies to Nylon.

    Minimum Order Quantity

    Minimum order 15 pieces for CLiP customers.


    Apply at 150 – 160ºC for 12 seconds with firm pressure

    (Applied Pressure* 1 – 1.5 bar)

    Manufacture Origin

    Manufactured in the UK.


    Minimum order 15 pieces

    Additional Information

    • Contour cut option.
    • Removable using MiRiCals Emblem Removal Spray.
    • Optional dye migration blocker for sublimation dyed garments.

    Logo PLUS

    • Logo, wearer name/job title combined in one emblem