Clearseal Pockets

Clearseal Pockets

Clearseal Pockets are clear, heat applied pockets designed to house identity cards. They are available in top/side entry options for various size inserts. We can also manufacture special sizes to house specific inserts.

Suitable For

Use on suitably textured fabrics including hi viz vests and jackets

Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum quantity 25 pieces


Application temperature 160-180°c

Manufacture Origin

Manufactured in the UK


Clearseal Pockets are NOT covered by CLiP

Additional Information

  • Ideal for holding I.D. cards and larger forms of identification
  • Variety of sizes from breast pocket to back display
  • Option of coloured and printed borders
  • Available in a variety of sizes from breast pocket, to back display.
  • Top or side entry
  • Bond strength according to fabric texture