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The most durable and innovative home wash products available in the market

Home Wash Products Overview

MiRiCal Emblems home wash products are the most durable and innovative products available in the market. Our RapiTran 60 Transfer is universally applicable to almost all types of Workwear, leisurewear and sportswear.  We are also able to manufacture transfers with dye blocker to prevent dye migration on sportswear and soft shell garments.

RapiTran 60 FR Transfers

DigiTran Transfers

DigiTran Embroidery Effect

Homegrade Emblems

Homegrade Embroidery Effect

Promo-Prints 40

Leavers Numbers

MiRiCut Transfers

Silver Reflective Badges

ReflecTran Transfers

Light Source Emblems

Clearseal Pockets


Woven Emblems

Dye Migration Blocker