MiRiCal Emblems has upgraded its recently launched DigiTran product from 40˚C to 60˚C wash resistance. DigiTran 40 has now been renamed as DigiTran, dropping the “40” to recognise its enhanced wash capability. The low application temperature of 135-140°c combined with the new higher wash temperature, widens the number of potential applications for the transfer. DigiTran is suitable for almost all fabrics with the option of a dye migration blocker available for sublimated garments – avoiding the risk of dye-bleed ruining the appearance of the transfer. Its unique construction means that it is capable of replicating finely detailed designs in full colour, including an embroidery effect option: great for technical garments which are unable to take embroidery.

DigiTran is covered by MiRiCal’s unique supply program known as Contract Life Pricing or CLiP for short. CLiP fixes the price at the bulk order rate for up to 3 years meaning that smaller re-orders are supplied at the same unit price as the initial order. In addition, under CLiP there is no MOQ for re-orders and typical re-orders are shipped within 24 hours of receipt. CLiP is available to all customers and applies to Topgrade, Homegrade, MiRiMax, MiRiTran and RapiTran as well as new DigiTran.